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A very efficient self-defence technique

KRAV MAGA (= full contact. It is pronounced Kraw Magá) is a very concrete martial art developed in the 40s by Imi Lichtenfeld, an Israeli army chief instructor, and adopted by the Israeli army.

Only in the last twenty years KRAV MAGA has been taught to civilians and, since then, it has reached many parts of the world. Recently this self-defence technique and body contact combat has spread also in Italy; it is suitable for everybody because it is so simple to learn.

This Israeli martial art is very appropriated also for not very athletic people and women in general, who wish to learn a really efficient self-defence method. KRAV MAGA is indeed suitable for people of any age and body shape, teaching fast reactions when in danger, as well as escaping from it.

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Published on: 10 Nov 2004

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